About Sardanes

Of the dances of Catalonia, the sardana maintains a good number of followers and is chosen by the Catalans as their national dance. Initially dance in the counties of the northeast, it spread, during the first third of our century to the rest of the country.

The intellectuals of the beginning of the century pushed it as a pillar to strengthen a national awareness of a markedly Mediterranean nature that represents the Catalan spirit, simple, serene and solidary to end up being a cultural heritage of popular sentiment. For Catalonia North means to recapture the Catalan event restoring the ancient and deep ties with Perpignan created in 1849 by Andreu Toron. The Sardana is still a privileged bond that unites all the Catalans from the north to those of the south.

To welcome anyone by giving their hands a universal message of brotherhood to all the peoples of the world of peace and joy. It is a circle that unites without captivity, of subordination but without slavery, of freedom that does not become anarchy. The sardana is the ideal excuse to find strangers who unite their hands randomly.